Economy/Job Creation

My top priority as your state representative is the creation of new jobs in our district and the preservation of jobs that are already here. A job is the cornerstone of a healthy family. When unemployment hits a family, so many other problems follow. Illinois must make jobs a priority, and as your state representative, I will do that.

As the only candidate who lives in the 84th District, Alex has seen jobs leave his neighborhood, and that is why he will work to create and retain jobs in our area.

We must find ways to bring new jobs to our area, and I will support legislation that creates jobs for small and large businesses. I will work to get eliminate red tape and barriers that prevent companies from moving to or starting businesses in Illinois. I will create roundtable groups with small business owners, corporations, and labor to find ways to partner together to create jobs in the district.


Born and raised in the 84th District, I have seen the value of my house drop while my property taxes have continued to rise. As the only candidate who lives in the district, I do not have to sell my house and move if the voters elect me to represent them.

The tax system in Illinois is simply not working. We need tax system that is fair to the residents of our District. As your state representative, I will fight for real tax relief for the residents of the 84th District. I will work to reduce the property tax burden on homeowners and work to lower taxes for working families and seniors on a fixed income.

The state must learn to spend more wisely. I have been grateful for the ideas you have given me when I have talked with many of your at your homes, and I look forward to taking those ideas to Springfield.


Education is the key to so much of what we do in Illinois. Our children truly are our future. Every child deserves the chance to learn in a quality school and do so in a safe environment. All of our children must be given the opportunity to succeed.

I will work hard to ensure the state maintains proper funding for education at all level, from preschool through community colleges and four-year universities. Our schools must meet all our expectations--from teaching our children to read, to preparing them for college or entering the workforce, and everything in between.